Services (Fee)

Series of services (and fees) to start business in Japan

The fees may vary depending on cases.

Services Professionals Fee (tax excluded)
Coordination for starting up your business Business Consultants
(Chusho Kigyo Shindanshi)

Registration Lawyer (Shihou Shoshi)

Visa Lawyer
(Gyosei Shoshi)

38,000JPY  – 78,000JPY
【OPTION】Support on developing your business plan (including feasibility study) Business Consultants
(Chusho Kigyo Shindanshi)
Please ask
【OPTION】 Support on acquiring visa for Short-term Stay for business trip at planning and preparation stage Visa Lawyer
(Gyosei Shoshi)
【OPTION】 Support on opening bank accounts    Please ask
【OPTION】 Support on setting up your business office (finding office,  purchasing office furniture, arranging electricity, gas, water, network etc. )    Please ask
Support on Incorporating
(Prior notification or subsequent report under the Foreign Exchange Act)
Registration Lawyer
(Shihou Shoshi)
KK (Kabushiki Kaisha)
Fee 250,000JPY
Actual expenses 220,000JPY
Total 470,000JPY

GK (Godo Kaisha)
Fee 150,000JPY
Actual expenses 70,000JPY
Total 220,000JPY

Additional fee will be charged in following cases;
(a) if shareholders or officers are non-residents.
(b) if the company has a board of directors or statutory auditors.
(c) if the prior notification is required under the Foreign Exchange Act.

【OPTION】Support on acquiring business licenses Visa Lawyer
(Gyosei Shoshi)
Depends on business license
Support on filing tax related notifications Tax Accountant
Fee 20,000 JPY
Actual expenses 2,000 JPY
Support on filing social insurance related notifications Social Insurance Consultant
(Shakai Hoken Roumushi)
Fee 60,000 JPY
(Representative only)
Support on acquiring Business Manager visa
(Apply for Certificate of Eligibility, apply for changing your visa status etc.)
Visa Lawyer
(Gyosei Shoshi)
Fee 150,000 JPY
Actual expenses 10,000 JPY