The visa for family members.

While you operate your business in Japan, are you going to stay away from your family members for years?
If you can’t live such a lonely life, let’s study about a visa for your family members to live with you in Japan.

The name of the Visa is “Dependent” visa which is called “Kazoku Taizai” in the Japanese language.
This Visa can be granted to your spouse and children.
(Including adopted children too)
If the application for the visa is granted, you can live with your spouse and children in Japan.

The Immigration Bureau will examine the credibility of your relationship with the applicant and whether you have the financial strength to support your family in Japan.

This Visa is for the applicant to receive parental support in Japan, so it will be difficult to get permission when the child is close to an adult. Also, if the child is already financially independent, no permission will be granted.

The period of stay for them is usually decided by your period of stay.
When it is expired and if they want to stay in Japan beyond the period, they can apply for an extension of the period of the visa.

Basically, they can’t work, however, if they could get permission from the immigration bureau, they can work up to 28hours a week.
If they want to work longer than 28hours, they are required to change to another visa that is able to work.

If you want to live with someone other than a spouse or children, such as parents, siblings, and relatives.
They are not subject to this visa.
In this case, they can come to Japan with a “Temporary Visit” visa. Although their period of stay is limited to less than 90day.
And they can’t work in Japan with this visa.
If the applicant wishes to stay in Japan for more than 90 days, he/she should look for other Visa permission possibilities.

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