Did you make a notification to the Immigration Bureau when your situation changed?

If there is a change with the institution you are active in,
(Withdrawal from the activity organization, transfer, change of name, change of address, or extinction of the activity organization)

If there is a change with the institution you have a contract with,
(Termination of a contract with a contracting organization, the conclusion of a contract with a new contracting organization, change of name, change of address, or extinction of a contracting organization)

if there is a change in your relationships with your spouse, such as divorce or bereavement.
(Applied to “Dependent”, “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident”)
This notification is an obligation for a certain mid to long-term visa holder.
However, so many people forget to do it.

Please don’t underestimate it, it may affect your visa term,
It became one of the requirements in “Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence” from May 2019. 
So it’s very important.

It’s supposed to be done within 14 days from the date of the change.
Even if you forgot to do it within the required period, do it as soon as possible.
You can do it by going to the Immigration bureau, by postal mail, via the Internet.
Please check the link below for more information.

Notification of affiliated (activity) organization (Professor, Highly Skilled Professional (i) (c) , Highly Skilled Professional (ii) (c) , Business Manager, Legal/Accounting Services, Medical Services, Instructor, Intra-company Transferee, Technical Intern Training, Student, Trainee)

Notification of the affiliated (contracting) organization (Highly Skilled Professional (i) (a) or (b), Highly Skilled Professional (ii) (a) or (b), Researcher, Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Nursing Care, Entertainer, Specified Skilled Worker, Skilled Labor )

Notification of relationship with spouse (divorce/death) “Dependent”, “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident” 

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