Used Car Export and Sales Business (1)

We receive many inquiries from customers who want to set up a company to purchase, export, and sell used cars in Japan. In order to obtain and renew a business administration visa, here are some points to keep in mind from the beginning.

Points to keep in mind when establishing a company

 When establishing a company, Articles of Incorporation must be prepared. The articles of incorporation should include the head office, trade name, business purpose, stock information (or equity information in the case of a limited liability company), names and addresses of officers, and fiscal year (beginning/ending). Among other things, the purpose of the business must be included for the purpose of obtaining an antique dealer’s license, which is necessary for handling used cars. If the business deals not only in cars, but also in car parts, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, etc., the import, export, sale, and repair of these items may also need to be stated. It is recommended that the business purpose be clearly stated at the establishment stage, as adding it later will incur additional costs.

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