Procedures for importing food products into Japan

There is a certain number of needs to import foreign seasonings, processed foods, various supplements, and other health supplements to Japan and sell them in the business. I would like to explain the procedures from importation to sale of food products.

For all food products imported for the purpose of sale, the importer must submit a “Notification Form for Importation of Food, etc.” in the prescribed form to the quarantine station immediately after the arrival of the cargo, together with attached documents such as “list of ingredients” and “list of manufacturing processes” as required by law. 

After examination and inspection at the quarantine station, if the importation is judged to be legitimate, the “Certificate of Notification of Importation of Food, etc.” is returned to the importer, who is then allowed to remove the goods from the bonded area.
At the Yokohama Quarantine Station, prior consultation regarding imported food, etc. is also available.
Normally, a trading company or customs broker will handle such submissions on behalf of the importer, but the importer must arrange for the documents himself.

Importing can be done by an individual, but it is better to establish a corporation and do it under the name to gain more credibility with related organizations and customers.

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Ritsuya Kaminaga

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist