Used Car Export and Sales Business(2)

Used Car Export and Sales Business(2)

Points for obtaining a business manager visa are the following:
In order for a foreigner to establish and continue to operate a company in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a Business Manager Visa after the company is established (Except for foreigners who hold visas obtained by status such as a permanent residence). Preparations must be made from the company establishment stage to meet the requirements for a business management visa.

(1) Where to use an office
You may be asked if you can use part of your home as an office. In order to meet that requirement,
(a) if the home is rented for residential purposes, the owner must consent to the use of the home for business purposes
(b) the room must be equipped to conduct the business exclusively and be able to access to the room without passing through the living space. (c) utility and other payments must be managed separately from the residential use, and (d) there must be a sign (Nameplate, Post box) indicating that the business is being conducted from outside.

In addition, if an office is to be built on the part of a parking lot, it should not be a simple building that can be easily disposed of, but a building and equipment that can be used for business operations continuously.

(2) At the time of office contract
Before registering the incorporation of a company, an office must be contracted. Please inform the owner that the name of the contract is (a) in your personal name and will be changed to the corporate name after the company is established, (b) to be used as an office for business purposes, and (c) for a contract period must be a yearly contract, not a monthly short-term rental.

Secondhand dealer permit

In order to sell used cars, you must obtain an antique dealer’s permit from the police station with jurisdiction over the location of the business office.

In order to obtain an antique dealer’s permit as an individual, the applicant must live in Japan and have an appropriate visa for the job. In the case of a corporation, the representative and directors may live outside Japan. Still, those who become supervisors must live in Japan and obtain an appropriate visa for the job.

It takes about 40 working days to receive the permit.

The points listed above are just examples. Please contact us for more details as circumstances differ depending on the person establishing a company.

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