Procedures When Hiring Employees

You might consider hiring an employee when you start a business and your business gets busy.

Let’s take a look at what kind of procedures are required when hiring an employee and what kind of procedure is to be followed.

(1) Clarify working conditions and make a contract

As for this, please refer to the blog below. The next thing to do is to take out labor insurance.

(2) Take out labor insurance

Labor insurance is a general term for “workers’ accident insurance” and “employment insurance”.

“Workers’ accident compensation insurance” is applied when an employee is injured or sick at work.

“Employment insurance” is insurance that allows to receive unemployment insurance benefit when an employee loses his or her job.

When you hire an employee, the company is obliged to take out “labor insurance”.

Workers’ accident compensation insurance is that you always have to take out regardless of employment type such as full-time employees or part-time employees (compulsory enrollment).

Employment insurance is compulsory if you hire a part-timer who works 20 hours or more a week.

1) Procedure method and procedure

1.To take out labor insurance, submit an “insurance-related establishment notification” to the “Labor Standards Inspection Office” that has jurisdiction over the location of your company and take out “labor accident insurance”.

  1. Next, go through the “employment insurance” procedure. Regarding employment insurance, the jurisdiction is “Public Employment Security Office”. Please submit the “notice of establishment of employment insurance covered office” and “notice of acquisition of employment insurance insured qualification” for the first employee to “Public Employment Security Office”.

Companies other than agriculture, forestry and fisheries and construction industry are called “unified application business” and pay “worker’s accident compensation insurance” and “employment insurance premium” together.

Labor insurance premiums are estimated to be paid at banks, etc. for the year (until March of the following year). After confirming the total amount of salary paid to employees from April of this year to March of the following year, the system is such that the estimated insurance premium for the next year will be paid again.

2) What is the insurance premium (as of July 1, 2022)

Workers’ accident compensation insurance is borne only by the business owner, and the insurance premium rate varies depending on the type of industry, but in the case of wholesale / retail, restaurants or accommodation, it is currently 0.3%. Employment insurance is 0.65% for business owners and 0.3% for employees, except for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, sake manufacturing, and construction.


Workers’ accident compensation insurance is insurance for employees’ work-related injuries and illnesses, but if certain requirements are met, business owners can also take out insurance.

In addition, if the employer does not properly apply for employment insurance, even if the employee retires (in some cases, even if he / she is asked to stop due to the company’s circumstances), he / she will not be able to receive unemployment benefits. Please consult with a social insurance labor consultant.



(3) Take out social insurance

I will explain social insurance in another blog. 

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① 労働契約期間

② 期間の定めのある労働契約を更新する場合の基準に関する事項

③ 就業の場所及び業務

④ 時間外労働の有無

⑤ 始業及び終業時刻、休憩時間、休日、休暇

⑥ 賃金の決定、計算と支払い方法、締切りと支払いの時期

⑦ 退職に関すること(解雇の事由を含む)



労働条件通知書 英語 | 東京外国人雇用サービスセンター (

労働条件通知書 中国語 | 東京外国人雇用サービスセンター (

労働条件通知書 ポルトガル語 | 東京外国人雇用サービスセンター (

労働条件通知書 スペイン語 | 東京外国人雇用サービスセンター (












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With 16 years of experience working in the HR department of foreign-affiliated companies, I’ll support the enrollment of social insurance and the creation of employment contracts in English. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions with social insurance or set working conditions with employees!

Determination and Notification of Working Conditions at the Time of Hiring

Clarification of working conditions is essential

The Labor Standards Law stipulates that it is desirable to conclude a contract rather than a verbal agreement in order to prevent various troubles related to employment contracts. The employer must specify the working conditions when concluding an employment contract. The following items must be stated in writing and handed over to employees (Article 15 of the Labor Standards Law).

① the period of the labor contract
② matters related to renewal of fixed-term employment contracts
③ the working place and job duties
④ existence of overtime work
⑤ the time at which work begins and at which work ends, breaks, days off, and leave
⑥ the determination of wages, the methods of computation and payment, the date of closing accounts and of payment
⑦ matters pertaining to separation (including reasons for dismissal)

In order to comprehensively describe these matters, the model working conditions notice for foreigners will be helpful.
The Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners publishes model working condition notices for four languages.

1)The model working conditions notice in English

2)The model working conditions notice in Chinese

3)The model working conditions notice in Portuguese

4)The model working conditions notice in Spanish

However, the above model working conditions notices do not state what the company wants its employees to comply with such as confidentiality matters. But if there are other matters that the company want the employees to comply with, write them down and have employees sign them as a pledge.

It is important to include in the labor contract or written pledge in advance what is likely to cause trouble to prevent problems.

A contract violating the Labor Standards Law is invalid: 
A labor contract which does not meet the standards of this law is invalid. In such a case the invalid sections are governed by the standards set forth in the Labor Standards Law (Article 13).

Please check whether the working conditions of the employees you are going to hire meet the laws in Japan.

If you have any questions regarding expert checks, please feel free to contact us.

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With 16 years of experience working in the HR department of foreign-affiliated companies, I’ll support the enrollment of social insurance and the creation of employment contracts in English. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions with social insurance or set working conditions with employees!

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When you show medical insurance card and receive treatment (保険証を提示して治療を受けるとき)

When you got sick or injured (payment of medical treatment)

When an insured person or a dependent in a health insurance is ill or injured due to an out-of-service reason, a health insurance card (hospital, medical office) should have a health insurance card (if you are 70 years old or older, match an elderly beneficiary card) You can receive medical treatment, such as medical examination, treatment, medication, by filing and paying a part of the contribution. In addition, if you receive a doctor’s prescription, you can have the medicine dispensed at the insurance pharmacy. (This is called “medical treatment benefit.”)


Range of medical treatment benefits

Doctor’s examination and Inspection:
 If you have a physical problem, you can always take the exams you need for a doctor’s or medical treatment with your health insurance.
Medicine and therapeutic material:
 The medicines necessary for treatment are provided only to those listed at the standard price of the medicine covered by medical insurance.
Treatment and surgery:
 You can receive radiation therapy and medical treatment instruction as well as injection, treatment and surgery.
Hospitalization and nursing:
 For meals and daily life recuperation during hospitalization, a fixed amount will be paid per meal and per day. When you want a special room (such as a private room), it is necessary to bear the difference of the room charge.
Home care and visiting care:
 You can receive home care from a doctor so that you can feel safe and at home. In addition, visiting care can be received by nurses dispatched from a visiting nursing station.
Overseas medical expenses :
 See this website.


About medical treatment that can not be received by health insurance

The medical treatment benefits for health insurance cover the treatment of people who are ill or injured. For this reason, health insurance can not be used for medical treatment (such as cosmetic surgery) received without any problem in daily life. Since pregnancy is not considered a disease, normal pregnancy and delivery are excluded from health insurance coverage. In addition, the benefits may be limited if you have a disease or injury that deviates from the purpose of health insurance.


Cases where health insurance cannot be used

  • Plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes
  • Myopic surgery etc
  • Advanced medicine under study
  • Preventive injection
  • Medical check up, Comprehensive medical examination
  • Normal pregnancy and childbirth
  • Abortion due to economic reasons
  • 美容を目的とする整形手術 
  • 近視の手術など
  • 研究中の先進医療
  • 予防注射
  • 健康診断、人間ドック
  • 正常な妊娠・出産
  • 経済的理由による人工妊娠中絶

Exception cases where health insurance can be used

  • If you have trouble with labor due to strabismus etc., you have surgery for birth clefts, plastic surgery for treatment of injuries, surgery for wakiga which causes significant discomfort to others etc..
  • When receiving medical treatment prescribed by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare at a university hospital etc.
  • In the case of abnormal delivery due to pregnancy hypertension syndrome (pregnancy toxemia)
  • Artificial abortion to protect the mother when the mother is at risk
  • 斜視等で労務に支障をきたす場合、生まれつきの口唇裂の手術、ケガの処置のための整形手術、他人に著しい不快感を与えるワキガの手術など 
  • 大学病院などで厚生労働大臣の定める診療を受ける場合  
  • 妊娠高血圧症候群(妊娠中毒症)などによる異常分娩の場合
  • 母体に危険が迫った場合に母体を保護するための人工妊娠中絶

Injuries caused by work or commuting disasters?

Health insurance is not provided for illnesses or injuries caused by work-related or injuries incurred while commuting to work. In principle, workers’ compensation insurance is applied.


Cases where health insurance benefits are limited

About illness or injury in the following cases, you may not be able to receive benefit or may be limited in some cases as it interferes with healthy administration of health insurance system.

  • When a criminal act or intentional accident (illness, injury, death, etc.) occurred
  • When you get sick or injured due to a fight or drunk alcohol
  • When you did not follow the doctor’s (hospital) instructions without justifiable reasons
  • When receiving or trying to receive insurance benefits for swindle or other fraud
  • When you refuse questions or diagnoses instructed by the insurer
  • When you are in a juvenile training school or a penal institution (It is not possible to provide health insurance benefits, however, burial fees and payments to dependents will be provided)


  • 犯罪行為や故意に事故(病気・ケガ・死亡など)を起こしたとき
  • ケンカ、酒酔いなどで病気やケガをしたとき
  • 正当な理由もないのに医師(病院)の指示に従わなかったとき
  • 詐欺、その他不正に保険給付を受けたり、受けようとしたとき
  • 保険者の指示する質問や診断を拒んだとき
  • 少年院や刑事施設などにいるとき(健康保険給付を行うことが事実上不可能なため、支給されません。ただし、埋葬料と被扶養者への支給は行われます)

New Coronavirus Q & A: The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s website in foreign languages

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has posted a Q & A  on the new coronavirus on its website.

If you want to check the website in a foreign language, you can access it from the following site.

☛Information in English:

☛Information in Chinese

I think that you can understand the appropriate response by checking the information. Please make use of the above information.