Used Car Export and Sales Business(2)

Used Car Export and Sales Business(2)

Points for obtaining a business manager visa are the following:
In order for a foreigner to establish and continue to operate a company in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a Business Manager Visa after the company is established (Except for foreigners who hold visas obtained by status such as a permanent residence). Preparations must be made from the company establishment stage to meet the requirements for a business management visa.

(1) Where to use an office
You may be asked if you can use part of your home as an office. In order to meet that requirement,
(a) if the home is rented for residential purposes, the owner must consent to the use of the home for business purposes
(b) the room must be equipped to conduct the business exclusively and be able to access to the room without passing through the living space. (c) utility and other payments must be managed separately from the residential use, and (d) there must be a sign (Nameplate, Post box) indicating that the business is being conducted from outside.

In addition, if an office is to be built on the part of a parking lot, it should not be a simple building that can be easily disposed of, but a building and equipment that can be used for business operations continuously.

(2) At the time of office contract
Before registering the incorporation of a company, an office must be contracted. Please inform the owner that the name of the contract is (a) in your personal name and will be changed to the corporate name after the company is established, (b) to be used as an office for business purposes, and (c) for a contract period must be a yearly contract, not a monthly short-term rental.

Secondhand dealer permit

In order to sell used cars, you must obtain an antique dealer’s permit from the police station with jurisdiction over the location of the business office.

In order to obtain an antique dealer’s permit as an individual, the applicant must live in Japan and have an appropriate visa for the job. In the case of a corporation, the representative and directors may live outside Japan. Still, those who become supervisors must live in Japan and obtain an appropriate visa for the job.

It takes about 40 working days to receive the permit.

The points listed above are just examples. Please contact us for more details as circumstances differ depending on the person establishing a company.

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Procedures for importing food products into Japan

There is a certain number of needs to import foreign seasonings, processed foods, various supplements, and other health supplements to Japan and sell them in the business. I would like to explain the procedures from importation to sale of food products.

For all food products imported for the purpose of sale, the importer must submit a “Notification Form for Importation of Food, etc.” in the prescribed form to the quarantine station immediately after the arrival of the cargo, together with attached documents such as “list of ingredients” and “list of manufacturing processes” as required by law. 

After examination and inspection at the quarantine station, if the importation is judged to be legitimate, the “Certificate of Notification of Importation of Food, etc.” is returned to the importer, who is then allowed to remove the goods from the bonded area.
At the Yokohama Quarantine Station, prior consultation regarding imported food, etc. is also available.
Normally, a trading company or customs broker will handle such submissions on behalf of the importer, but the importer must arrange for the documents himself.

Importing can be done by an individual, but it is better to establish a corporation and do it under the name to gain more credibility with related organizations and customers.

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Used Car Export and Sales Business (1)

We receive many inquiries from customers who want to set up a company to purchase, export, and sell used cars in Japan. In order to obtain and renew a business administration visa, here are some points to keep in mind from the beginning.

Points to keep in mind when establishing a company

 When establishing a company, Articles of Incorporation must be prepared. The articles of incorporation should include the head office, trade name, business purpose, stock information (or equity information in the case of a limited liability company), names and addresses of officers, and fiscal year (beginning/ending). Among other things, the purpose of the business must be included for the purpose of obtaining an antique dealer’s license, which is necessary for handling used cars. If the business deals not only in cars, but also in car parts, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, etc., the import, export, sale, and repair of these items may also need to be stated. It is recommended that the business purpose be clearly stated at the establishment stage, as adding it later will incur additional costs.

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Procedures When Hiring Employees

You might consider hiring an employee when you start a business and your business gets busy.

Let’s take a look at what kind of procedures are required when hiring an employee and what kind of procedure is to be followed.

(1) Clarify working conditions and make a contract

As for this, please refer to the blog below. The next thing to do is to take out labor insurance.

(2) Take out labor insurance

Labor insurance is a general term for “workers’ accident insurance” and “employment insurance”.

“Workers’ accident compensation insurance” is applied when an employee is injured or sick at work.

“Employment insurance” is insurance that allows to receive unemployment insurance benefit when an employee loses his or her job.

When you hire an employee, the company is obliged to take out “labor insurance”.

Workers’ accident compensation insurance is that you always have to take out regardless of employment type such as full-time employees or part-time employees (compulsory enrollment).

Employment insurance is compulsory if you hire a part-timer who works 20 hours or more a week.

1) Procedure method and procedure

1.To take out labor insurance, submit an “insurance-related establishment notification” to the “Labor Standards Inspection Office” that has jurisdiction over the location of your company and take out “labor accident insurance”.

  1. Next, go through the “employment insurance” procedure. Regarding employment insurance, the jurisdiction is “Public Employment Security Office”. Please submit the “notice of establishment of employment insurance covered office” and “notice of acquisition of employment insurance insured qualification” for the first employee to “Public Employment Security Office”.

Companies other than agriculture, forestry and fisheries and construction industry are called “unified application business” and pay “worker’s accident compensation insurance” and “employment insurance premium” together.

Labor insurance premiums are estimated to be paid at banks, etc. for the year (until March of the following year). After confirming the total amount of salary paid to employees from April of this year to March of the following year, the system is such that the estimated insurance premium for the next year will be paid again.

2) What is the insurance premium (as of July 1, 2022)

Workers’ accident compensation insurance is borne only by the business owner, and the insurance premium rate varies depending on the type of industry, but in the case of wholesale / retail, restaurants or accommodation, it is currently 0.3%. Employment insurance is 0.65% for business owners and 0.3% for employees, except for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, sake manufacturing, and construction.


Workers’ accident compensation insurance is insurance for employees’ work-related injuries and illnesses, but if certain requirements are met, business owners can also take out insurance.

In addition, if the employer does not properly apply for employment insurance, even if the employee retires (in some cases, even if he / she is asked to stop due to the company’s circumstances), he / she will not be able to receive unemployment benefits. Please consult with a social insurance labor consultant.



(3) Take out social insurance

I will explain social insurance in another blog. 

If you would like to consult in a hurry,

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Establishing a company in Japan, THE EASY WAY!

If you wanted to establish a company, this is the best and one of the easiest way to do it.
The general flow of establishing a joint-stock company “Kabushiki Kaisha “ is as simple as these 5 steps.

1. Determine where you want the head office to be in Japan
2. Prepare the certification of the articles of incorporation
3. Prepare the payment for the paid-in capital
4. Prepare the registration documents
5. Prepare the registration of incorporation
*Special note – Prior notification and subsequent reporting to the authorities concerned through Japan bank may be required in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.

Let’s take a look at the specific procedures involved with this process.

1. Determination of head office address
 Before establishing a corporation, the address of the head office must be determined. When renting an office or a place to do business, you need first inform the owner that you are renting a place to do a business. If your home is rented, confirm the rental agreement will allow you use that space as a corporate office. Some rental agreements may not allow you to use that space for official business use. Also, if you want to open a corporate account, a virtual office is not acceptable.
*Special note – If you want to obtain a Business Manager Visa, you must have a private office for business.

2. Preparation and certification of the Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation are the fundamental rules for the company, sort of a constitution on how the company will run.
The company must operate in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation you decide.

The Articles of Incorporation mainly stipulates the followings.
In the case of a Kabushiki Kaisha
(1) Trade name
(2) Business purposes
(3) Address of head office
(4) Amount of paid-in capital
(5) Name and personal address of investors
(6) Amount of capital contribution by the investors
(7) Total number of shares authorized to be issued
(8) Number of shares to be issued at the time of incorporation
(9) Restriction on transfer of shares
(10) Method of public notice
(11) Business year
(12) Directors and Representative Director at the time of incorporation
*Special note – For a Kabushiki Kaisha, the Articles of Incorporation must be certified by a notary public after preparation.

3. Payment of paid-in capital
Each investor pays the amount of paid-in capital. The total amount paid in can be used as the capital. Normally, the capital is paid into the investor’s personal account. If there is no personal account, the capital can be paid into the account of the delegated director. If a corporate account is created after the company is established, the capital can be transferred to the corporate account. Please note that only banks that have been approved by the banks established with the approval of the Prime Minister are allowed to accept money transfers from overseas.

4. Preparation of documents for registration

When applying for registration, the following documents may be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau and the corporate seal may be registered at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

In the case of a Kabushiki Kaisha
-Articles of Incorporation after certification
-Written decision of investors
-Letter of acceptance of appointment by directors at the time of incorporation
-Letter of acceptance of the office by the representative director at the time of incorporation
-Certificate that the capital has been paid in
-Seal certificate (Signature certificate)
-Application to be registered the corporate seal impression
-Application for issuance of seal impression card

5. Registration of incorporation
Submit the required documents to the Legal Affairs Bureau with jurisdiction over the location of the head office and apply for registration. The Legal Affairs Bureau will examine the documents, and registration will be completed about one week after the application is filed. Once the registration is completed, you will be able to obtain a certificate of registered matters and a certificate of corporate seal impression, which you will be “required” to submit to the bank.

The descriptions on this page are in principle only, and specific procedures and documents may vary depending on individual circumstances.




・「3日待機指定国」からの入国か否か(=入国日前14 日以内に「3日待機指定国」に滞在歴があるか否か)、




・空港検疫での検査(検体採取)後24 時間以内までは(自宅等待機の期間中であっても上記の場合に限り)公共交通機関の使用が認められます。







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New Information Regarding Entry into Japan

New Information Regarding Entry into Japan

We have received new information regarding entry into Japan as of March 2022.
We would like to inform you of the following

(1) “Change in the period of quarantine at home/accommodations after entering Japan,”

On and after March 1,

・upon a 7-day quarantine, in principle,
・whether or not there is an entry/arrival from a “designated country subject to a 3-day quarantine ” (whether an entrant to Japan has stayed in a “designated country subject to a 3-day quarantine” within the 14 days prior to their arrival date)
・whether or not there is a valid COVID-19 vaccine certification that meets the requirements
may influence the quarantine period and accommodations for quarantine after entering Japan in the following manner:
* If there are separate directions from a quarantine station or public health center about continuing
quarantine at home/accommodations, you must follow them.
* If you become COVID-19 positive or a close contact, your quarantine period will not be shortened.

(2) “Use of public transportation by entrants to Japan,”

“entrants to Japan from designated countries/regions holding a vaccine certification” and “entrants to Japan from non-designated countries/regions who do not hold vaccine certifications” must quarantine at
home/accommodations after entering Japan.
・However, when they travel from an airport to quarantine at their home/accommodations, on the shortest route necessary,
・within 24 hours after their COVID-19 test (specifically, specimen collection) at an airport quarantine station, the use of public transportation is permitted (only applicable to the above, even during the period of quarantine at home/accommodations).

(3) “Updates to restrictions on the new entry of foreign nationals to Japan.”

Until now, when a foreign national newly entering Japan had to visit relatives or had humanitarian reasons to be taken into consideration, the need for such consideration was examined on an individual basis and a decision was made as to whether or not he/she could enter Japan as a person with “special circumstances” and entry was granted.

However, this time, the following new method has started.

The new entry of foreign nationals to Japan is permitted for
(1) foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a short-term stay (three months or less) for purposes including business and employment, or
(2) foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a long-term stay.

In either case, there must be a receiving organization in Japan.
A “receiving organization” is an enterprise, organization, and the like employing an entrant or inviting the entrant for business or entertainment.)

For the management and support in providing information on necessary quarantine measures when entering Japan and securing accommodations for quarantine, confirming quarantines and health statuses, and the like for foreign nationals newly entering Japan, entry to Japan is permitted under the supervision of receiving organizations.

The prior application of a receiving organization is required for all individuals who enter Japan using this measure. First, a receiving organization must apply in advance through the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS), enter the required details, acquire a Certificate for Completion of Registration, and send the certificate to the foreign national scheduled to newly enter Japan. After doing so, the foreign national scheduled to newly enter Japan must apply with an overseas diplomatic mission of Japan with a Certificate for Completion of Registration and a visa application.

For more information, please visit the following sites (I am sorry, but only Japanese available)

Thank you for reading
Best regards
Yoshihisa Takenaka
Yoshihisa Takenaka
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Did you make a notification to the Immigration Bureau when your situation changed?

If there is a change with the institution you are active in,
(Withdrawal from the activity organization, transfer, change of name, change of address, or extinction of the activity organization)

If there is a change with the institution you have a contract with,
(Termination of a contract with a contracting organization, the conclusion of a contract with a new contracting organization, change of name, change of address, or extinction of a contracting organization)

if there is a change in your relationships with your spouse, such as divorce or bereavement.
(Applied to “Dependent”, “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident”)
This notification is an obligation for a certain mid to long-term visa holder.
However, so many people forget to do it.

Please don’t underestimate it, it may affect your visa term,
It became one of the requirements in “Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence” from May 2019. 
So it’s very important.

It’s supposed to be done within 14 days from the date of the change.
Even if you forgot to do it within the required period, do it as soon as possible.
You can do it by going to the Immigration bureau, by postal mail, via the Internet.
Please check the link below for more information.

Notification of affiliated (activity) organization (Professor, Highly Skilled Professional (i) (c) , Highly Skilled Professional (ii) (c) , Business Manager, Legal/Accounting Services, Medical Services, Instructor, Intra-company Transferee, Technical Intern Training, Student, Trainee)

Notification of the affiliated (contracting) organization (Highly Skilled Professional (i) (a) or (b), Highly Skilled Professional (ii) (a) or (b), Researcher, Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Nursing Care, Entertainer, Specified Skilled Worker, Skilled Labor )

Notification of relationship with spouse (divorce/death) “Dependent”, “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident”

Thank you for reading
Best regards
Yoshihisa Takenaka

Yoshihisa Takenaka
Imigration Lawyer
Gyosei syoshi Takenaka Office
4th floor Marukoshi-bldg
Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa ,Japan 〒210-0845 
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Thinking of changing your work model from employed to self-employed?

It is important to have a business plan for the future that is not dependent on someone else’s idea what is best for you, like your current employer.
What would you do if you found yourself unemployed, without having secured your next opportunity? Would you just find another job or take the opportunity to make your OWN opportunity?

With the rapid change today in AI, automation, and outsourcing a lot of companies will be looking to cut costs, which can affect the stability of your position and future.
Everybody would like to change jobs and earn a higher income, but as the world changes and we get older that will become more challenging.

For some people, mandatory retirement could be an issue since there is no guarantee your company will not have any significant changes that affect you even having a chance to stay there until the retirement age.

In today’s market, it is better to think about working for yourself and guaranteeing your future instead of thinking about who can hire you and control your fate. A sole proprietor, independent consultant, or freelancer could be a better option since you could use your experience to past career for your future.

For example, you could start an online product sales business, a restaurant business, own your store, acquire a company that has no successors or start a business that combines gap industries. There are also community-based businesses, that connect urban and rural areas, utilizing real estate, agricultural businesses, etc.

In Summary
Rather than waiting for the company to do something for you, it is time for you to take control of your life, career, and create a more positive, and strong career path for your life.

I have talked and counseled many people who have decided to take that first step to be independent and start their businesses. I know this can be a scary process, so we are here to help and advise you, so you will not have to do it alone.

Let us help you help yourself!
Make the first step and contact us and we will be ready to assist you.