End of Year Reflection


With just one month left of the year, what has 2023 been like for you?

Here are reflections on the events of the year by Members of One Stop Business Startup  Center Kawasaki.


Immigration lawyer

Reflection on this year

With the end of the Corona disaster, there has been a resurgence of travel between Japan and other countries that was not possible before. The environment for doing business in Japan is improving due to the weak yen and the government’s inbound promotion policy. As a result, the number of COEs (Certificate of Eligibility applications) seems to be increasing. The number of management and administration cases I have handled has also increased.

Aspirations for the coming year

I expect to receive more and more consultations from people who want to start a business or work in Japan. The Immigration Bureau has also announced new status of residence and new operational policies, which we have to follow. Also, I hope to provide information on subsidies and other assistance to foreign entrepreneurs and help them obtain visas by carefully researching the support programs for foreigners offered by the Japanese government and local Japanese governments.

This was written by Mr. Ritsuya Kaminaga, a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Immigration Lawyer).

CPA/Tax accountant

Reflection on this year

I am pleased to have joined this year. I am a specialist in accounting and taxation, but I find it very rewarding to work with other professionals to provide a one-stop service for clients entering the Japanese market.

I have been involved in tax-related work for companies expanding from Israel. I filed tax-related documents to ensure that their business in Japan was successful.


Aspirations for the coming year

Next year, I would like to be involved as an accountant/tax accountant from the initial phase of setting up in Japan so that I can offer better options for my clients.

Some clients think that accounting and taxation should be handled after the company is established in Japan, however this is actually not the case.

In many cases, a better proposal can be made if accountants and tax accountants are involved from the stage before the company is established in Japan, from the time of establishment. The Kawasaki One-Stop Service aims to support businesses entering the Japanese market in this way.

This was written by Mr. Issei Aoki, CPA & Tax accountant.

Registration Lawyer

Reflection on this year

The number of company formation inquiries increased by 41% compared to the previous year. Online interviews have become normal and online interviews are now possible from multiple countries at the same time, making it more convenient for everyone.

In terms of the nature of the businesses inquiring about, there have been many used car exporters and digital-related businesses in the past. There is an overall higher trend in the amount of funds by foreigners at the time of incorporation compared to the previous year.


Aspirations for the coming year

The most common request from customers is to establish a company as soon as possible. I will continue to use my knowledge and experience to help customer register for incorporation and start their business as quickly as possible.

This was written by Azumi Johnson, a certified registration lawyer (Shiho-Shoshi)

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Azumi Johnson

Shiho-shoshi (Registration Lawyer) I'm a Kawasaki, Yokohama, Tokyo-based certified Company Registration Lawyer and one of the very rare few in my profession who can speak English. I help foreign companies and entrepreneurs properly set up their first office. If you are planning to set up your first company in Japan, come to the experts!