Company Registration

To start the process, we will listen to your requests, provide timely and appropriate advice, prepare documents in accordance with the Companies Act and regulations, and apply for registration on your behalf. Upon the completion of the registration of incorporation, we will also deliver a certificate of registered matters and a certificate of the corporate seal impression, which are necessary documents for opening a corporate account.

Our Services

The procedures for registration of incorporation of a Japanese corporation, include the preparation of articles of incorporation, minutes, and other documents in English & Japanese
Preparation of signature certificates and affidavits in English are also required.

Additional required documents:

Certification of the articles of incorporation on behalf of the client
Notification and reporting related to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act
Schedule planning and management until the establishment of the company
Obtaining a certificate of registered matters after completion of registration
Notification of corporate seal to the Legal Affairs Bureau
Obtaining a corporate seal certificate
Corporate seal creation on behalf of the client

How to communicate with us

Online conferences such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet can be used as well as a face-to-face meeting.

Please note that we are obligated to verify client identity, so we may take steps such as sending you a letter by mail.

For those who are concerned about visas

When establishing a company, there are cases where visa requirements must be fulfilled in addition to the usual requirements. In such cases, we will assist you in cooperation with an administrative scrivener/ visa lawyer.