Introduction of experts

At Onestop Kawasaki, the following bilingual professionals will respond to your consultation about starting a business.

Yoshihisa Takenaka / Administrative Scrivener

Ritsuya Kaminaga / Administrative Scrivener

Graduated from Waseda University. He has been engaged in overseas business for nearly 30 years at Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. In 2016, he registered as an administrative scrivener and is mainly engaged in assisting foreigners to establish business in Japan.

Azumi Johnson / Registration Lawyer

Shoichi Maeda / Tax Accountant

Yumiko Kamioka / Social Insurance and Labor Management Consultant

When hiring employees, application of social secutiry is inevitable as well as employment contract. I support you so that you can concentrate on your business by carrying out administrative procedures on your behalf.

Kei Sumikawa / Attorney