Visa Acquisition for Baby’s Birth

This year, I applied for permission to acquire a visa (officially known as APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO ACQUIRE STATUS OF RESIDENCE) in connection with the birth of a baby. I submitted two applications to the Immigration Bureau.

This application is required when foreign couples have a child born in Japan and wish to stay in the country beyond 60 days from the date of birth without going through the landing procedures. It is the application for a visa necessary for them to reside in Japan continuously from the birth of the child.

If the foreign baby intends to stay in Japan beyond 60 days, the visa must be applied for within 30 days from the date of birth. (This is not necessary if you leave Japan within 60 days.)
The following documents need to be submitted:

1) Application form
2)Birth registration acceptance certificate1.
「出生届受理証明書(Shusshōtodoke juri shōmei-sho)」
3)Latest Resident tax taxation certificate of the supporter
「住民税の課税証明(Jūminzei no kazei shōmei)」
4)Latest Resident tax payment certificate of the supporter
「住民税の納税証明(Jūminzei no nōzei shōmei)」
5) Certificate of residence
「住民票( Jūmin-hyō)」
6) Questionnaire (
7) Copy of the supporter’s residence card or passport

In Japan, when a baby is born, it is necessary to submit a birth registration to the municipal office within 14 days of birth with the birth certificate and mother and child health handbook. (The birth certificate is issued and filled out by a doctor.)

Approximately one week after this submission, documents 2) and 5) with the baby’s information can be obtained. (Please confirm the details with the municipal office.)

After the application, if you receive an approval postcard from the Immigration Bureau, you will need to go to accept the baby’s residence card. If, during this process, the baby’s passport cannot be presented, it is necessary to submit a document detailing the reason and the status of passport acquisition. (The format for this document is provided at the Immigration Bureau.)

In this case, one of the applicants holds a Business Manager Visa, and the other holds an Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa.
Therefore, both babies obtained a Dependent Visa.

During this period, the preparation for the procedures mentioned above, the mother and baby’s discharge from the hospital, and the beginning of a new life with the baby can be quite busy. Visa applications need to be submitted within 30 days of birth, so please pay attention to the schedule.

I hope both babies will grow up healthy and well in Japan.

Thank you for reading this article.

Yoshihisa Takenaka

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Yoshihisa Takenaka

Yoshihisa Takenaka. Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Berklee College Music located in Boston, Mass., USA. After graduation, worked in the music industry for about 10years, worked for a Taiwanese computer hardware company for 10 years. After obtaining the qualification opened Takenaka Office in Kawasaki City in 2011 started working as an immigration lawyer providing support services related to visa-related application procedures for foreigners, preparation of wills, inheritance procedures, and various permission applications.