How to Start a Worker Dispatching Business in Japan

I think there are many business owners who are considering entering the worker dispatching business.


        Worker Dispatching Contract

Dispaching Employer<------>Dispatch Destination

Employment relationship Dispatched Workers Relationship of



Worker dispatching businesses have asset requirements, office requirements, and a variety of other requirements and documents to submit.

Followings are the Excerpts from part of the Labor Bureau’s explanatory video


There are various requirements to obtain a permit. The following are some of them.

  1. Asset Requirement (=Asset-liabilities)
    – Asset requirement is 20 million yen or more
    – Assets are 1/7th of total liabilities or more
    – Cash and deposits of at least 15 million yen
  2. Office requirements
    – Area that can be used for business is 20 ㎡ or more
    – Purpose of use is office
    – The structure of the office must be able to maintain personal secrets, etc.

In order to obtain permission, it is necessary to have a dispatch agency manager who can communicate with the Labor Bureau in Japanese.

All documents and explanatory materials from the Labor Bureau are in Japanese, and there are no explanations in English.

In addition, not only obtaining permission first, it is necessary for the business owner to submit periodic reports three times on time each year. If it is unable to submit the report, you may have trouble renewing your license in the future.

Therefore, it’s recommendable that you appoint a Japanese staff member who can be in charge of the dispatch agency, and then attend a face-to-face (offline) new business briefing session.

For the Tokyo Labor Bureau, information on briefing sessions can be obtained from the following website.

After that, I think that it will proceed smoothly in practice to collect necessary company information, communicate with the Labor Bureau, and apply for permission for worker dispatching business with the Japan staff in charge.


Even if Japanese staff member in charge is appointed, the application procedure is still complicated. In that case, please contact us.

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